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Welcome to the True North Business Advisory Blog

Get the monkey off your back

By Gavin Knight | April 15, 2018

In 1974 William Oncken Jr and Donald L Wass wrote an article in the Harvard Business Review that is still relevant today. The article “Management Time: Who’s got the monkey,” focuses on how managers can effectively delegate tasks to their subordinates and not become so overwhelmed with other people’s problems.  The monkey is defined as…

Workplace Flexibility – Key to attracting good talent

By Gavin Knight | March 18, 2018

In 2017, PWC Australia, KPMG Australia and Westpac were voted the top 3 companies where people wanted to work. Why? Flexibility Employees were able to choose how, where and when they worked. As more people look for jobs the ability to have flexibility is a major contributing factor when choosing your next employer. So as…

New Year, New Me: How you can manage your time effectively

By Gavin Knight | February 12, 2018

We are all good at making to do lists but not always good at completing them. In fact, those lists just get bigger and bigger and we don’t really accomplish too much. This year it’s going to be different and here is how you can manage your time more effectively to maximise your focus and…

Office Christmas Parties – How to protect your business during the festive season

By Gavin Knight | December 6, 2017

End of year Christmas parties are a great way to celebrate your business achievements for the year and also to thank your staff for their contributions.  However, there are instances where employees can get out of hand and become a liability for your business.  To avoid this happening to your business following these 4 keys…

Educate for Change – Removing unconscious bias in our workplace

By Gavin Knight | November 21, 2017

As business owners we all want to promote a culture of inclusion and diversity in our workplaces, however, in reality in Australia this is not the case. Workplace Gender Equality agency reports: National gender pay gap is 15.3% 5% of females are CEO’s of Australian ASX listed organisations Women graduates earn 3.6% less than their…

Customer Perception = Your Reality

By Gavin Knight | October 18, 2017

When was the last time you surveyed your customers for feedback on your service performance? When was the last time you surveyed your employees for feedback on your business culture, employee engagement and job satisfaction? If your business has not undertaken either of these activities in 2017 then your best in class competitors are already…

Welcome to True North Business Advisory

Welcome to the True North Business Advisory Blog

By Gavin Knight | October 17, 2017

Welcome. I am genuinely excited to launch my new business after spending more than 20 years working in finance roles in small to medium businesses. The small business sector is something that I am genuinely passionate about and it is this passion which is one of the main drivers for me to start True North…