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Customer Perception = Your Reality

First published on: Oct 18, 2017 9:43 AM

When was the last time you surveyed your customers for feedback on your service performance?

When was the last time you surveyed your employees for feedback on your business culture, employee engagement and job satisfaction?

If your business has not undertaken either of these activities in 2017 then your best in class competitors are already one step ahead of you.  They are ahead of you because they understand the value of feedback from customers and employees and how important it is to use this feedback to drive optimum business performance.

In many cases, businesses who do not regularly seek feedback from their key stakeholders (such as customers and employees) see their financial performance trend below expectations.  Employee engagement and retention is impacted if employees are not feeling connected and supported by their employer.  Customers may start looking elsewhere if they feel that your business is not meeting their expectations.

The benefits of stakeholder surveys include:

  • You are perceived by customers / employees as valuing their opinion - it sends a message that you are listening to them
  • You receive survey feedback that your customers / employees may never tell you face to face.
  • You can use this feedback to make changes to your business to better align your business to the needs of your customers and employees
  • In the longer the benefits of happier customers and happier employees speak for themselves.

We can tailor simple and effective customer and employee surveys to meet your requirements.

If you feel that these services may be just what your business is looking for, contact me to now find out more.


Article written by: Gavin Knight  –  Founder and CEO | True North Business Advisory

Gavin Knight

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