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Educate for Change – Removing unconscious bias in our workplace

First published on: Nov 21, 2017 9:00 AM

As business owners we all want to promote a culture of inclusion and diversity in our workplaces, however, in reality in Australia this is not the case.

Workplace Gender Equality agency reports:

  • National gender pay gap is 15.3%
  • 5% of females are CEO’s of Australian ASX listed organisations
  • Women graduates earn 3.6% less than their male graduates when they find their first job.


One explanation, is our unconscious biases towards everything around us and our use of stereotypes in our decision making.

Unconscious bias refers to a bias that happens automatically, is outside our control and is triggered by our brain making quick judgements and assessments of people and situations influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experience.


  • We recruit, promote, allocate work and manage performance with these biases in our thinking
  • Innovation and creativity is compromised as new ideas are not encouraged
  • Talented people are not recognised or allowed the opportunity for career development and promotion
  • Businesses lose good people.


  • Conduct a workplace audit that focuses on your business demographics and focuses on gender, age, retention, promotion and compensation as a starting basis.  This will form the basis in determining if there is inequality in your workplace
  • Conduct an employee survey to see if there are diversity and inclusion issues within your workplace
  • Review your processes specifically on recruitment.  Have a diverse group on the interview panel to avoid hiring people “just like us” and promote diversity to potential employees
  • Educate your people about unconscious bias. This will not only impact your workplace but will have a flow on effect into our society

By removing these biases in our workplace, we create a culture of inclusiveness and equality for all.


Article written by: Gavin Knight  –  Founder and CEO | True North Business Advisory

Gavin Knight

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