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New Year, New Me: How you can manage your time effectively

First published on: Feb 12, 2018 12:01 AM

We are all good at making to do lists but not always good at completing them.

In fact, those lists just get bigger and bigger and we don't really accomplish too much.

This year it's going to be different and here is how you can manage your time more effectively to maximise your focus and master your priorities:

  • Put together a to do list of the 5 key things you need to do today and do them
  • Not let your emails consume you Complete on of the tasks on your to do list before reading through your morning emails
  • Manage your calendar more effectively - Block out time to work on key projects, schedule some time to reflect on the day and make time to engage with your colleagues away from your desk.
  • Determine if you really need to be in all those meetings - Meetings can be the most time consuming and at times nor productive, so this year focus on whether you really need to be in all these meetings?  What is the role that you are required to play in this meeting? Can you provide this information prior to the meeting? Or can you delegate to a subordinate to attend on your behalf?
  • Switch off - When major projects need to be done switch off your email. mobile and divert your phone to voicemail.
  • Take a breather - Go for a walk, have a coffee and move away from your desk.

Bring on 2018!



Article written by: Gavin Knight  –  Founder and CEO | True North Business Advisory

Gavin Knight

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Founder and CEO of True North Business Advisory. True North Business Advisory's mission is to provide tailored strategic planning and advisory services to help businesses achieve long term sustainable growth.