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Workplace Flexibility – Key to attracting good talent

First published on: Mar 18, 2018 1:07 PM

In 2017, PWC Australia, KPMG Australia and Westpac were voted the top 3 companies where people wanted to work.

Why? Flexibility

Employees were able to choose how, where and when they worked.

As more people look for jobs the ability to have flexibility is a major contributing factor when choosing your next employer.

So as a business what should you be doing to make it more flexible:

  • Review your business and determine what is practical when implementing a flexible work strategy
  • Think outside the box – look at adjustment of work hours, job sharing or office workspace
  • Make it available to all. Flexible work shouldn’t just be for mums returning back from maternity leave.
  • Trial the program in a department to identify any issues or concerns and rectify it before you roll it out.
  • Develop a flexible work policy.
  • Communicate policy to all staff in a meeting so everyone is aware of what the business is trying to achieve

So what may seem like a small perk, will enhance your reputation in the long run and will be key in attracting and retaining your talent.


Article written by: Gavin Knight  –  Founder and CEO | True North Business Advisory

Gavin Knight

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